A Cunning Appositive, (grenzgestalt) wrote in fandom_speaks,
A Cunning Appositive,

Feedback/Fandom Member to Fandom Members/LiveJournal Staff

Many people have expressed concern over the continued parallel 6A employees seem to be finding between child pornography and explicit, obscene fan art. Particularly concerning was this sentence from the most recent post at lj_biz:

"Many of you have asked about whether or not it is OK to link to outside content that falls into the category of child pornography, and the short answer is no, it's not OK."

Our comments on the post have gone unanswered, and, as imaginarycircus detailed in a recent post, she has been trying to explain her problem with the situation to rachel, with limited success. She has now created an open letter for everyone who is dissatisfied with SA's views on fan art to sign, so please, go and give your support. If you can pimp this letter anywhere else, that would be wonderful. Thanks so much!
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