Jacki, the obtuse cynic (bad_wolf_bitch) wrote in fandom_speaks,
Jacki, the obtuse cynic

Question/Suggestion/ Fandom Community Mod to LJ Staff

I am extremely concerned about Livejournal's deletion of members who post material that does not violate actual Terms of Service, but rather, have been judged as being unacceptable. I can understand and support Livejournal's right to delete material they do not wish to host. However, I am not okay with the erasure of that member from the site as though they never existed, removing every journal, post, reply and creative work they ever had, especially without any warning, as this affects every member that member ever interacted with, punishing the innocent. Yes, I know that they might appeal, but once you delete the journals, they cannot be retrieved.

Is Livejoural willing to set up a group of fandom, staff and maybe some experts in the area, and hash out some sort of action plan for violations that include clearer guidelines, less confusion, responisbility for moderators in communities and a reasonable policy that allows for users to comply with a request for removal of material?
Tags: deletions, question, suggestion
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