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Fandom Speaks

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Fandom Speaks: A Forum For Change
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Fandom Relations

To provide a safe, interactive, intelligent forum where the members of fandom can engage in productive dialogue with members of the Livejournal team, and with concerned members of the community, with a goal of creating greater customer satisfaction, as well as a happier community at large.


This community has open membership. However, it is geared towards the concerns of the writers, artists and roleplayers of fandom communities, as well as the paid and volunteer staff at Livejournal/Six Apart.


1. All posts to the community must have one of the following topics in the subject line: Question, Complaint, Concern, Suggestion, Feedback. That’s it. No rants. No mocking. It must also have, in the subject line, your position/designation, along with who your post is directed to.

EXAMPLEs: Question/Fandom Community Mod to Livejournal Staff or Concern/Community Member to Fandom Artists

2. Your post may only address one topic at a time. ONE. Not a laundry list. One single topic.
3. Your post may not be over 300 words. No exceptions. Three hundred words is more than enough to express the concern. Keep it to the point, keep it brief and keep it on target.
4. This is not a place for flaming, personal attacks or dogpiling. If I start seeing that in a thread, I may freeze it.
5. Comments of a threatening or harassing nature, or that violate the Terms of Service, will be deleted. Repeated acts will result in banning of that member.
6. Members may not post more than one entry per day, to give those who would respond a chance to address posts. If the mods see that the community is getting slammed, we may suspend new posts for a day, until the others are caught up.
7. All posts will go into moderation queue. We will be checking to make sure that posts are on point, following the rules and not a repeat of a post already waiting for a response. If you want to know why your post was rejected, email us at uglymods [at] yahoo [dot] com.
8. Do not post or link graphics here. Do not post links to graphics that are not clearly explained as to their content, or that violate ToS.
9. Everyone is held accountable for their words, here, so choose them wisely.


This group is intended for members of the fandom community, to address their unique concerns and issues in a thoughtful and productive manner with the public and with Livejournal. We strongly encourage members of other communities at Livejournal to create their own forum to address their issues, and we are happy to affiliate with any of those communities, providing a link here. Fandom communities may also affiliate, and we will link you.


Respect is not given. It is earned through the actions and achievements that we, as individuals and as members of organizations or businesses, work for and do. One of the best ways to earn the respect of another is to be willing to hear their side and act upon a problem in a manner that provides the best possible outcome for all parties.